All devices can be hacked?

Written by Hopeton Smalling I received a link to a video that Professor AVI Rubin presented a year ago on the subject of device security. This professor explained how hackers could compromise medical devices, cars, phones, and P25 transmitters. He … Continue reading

Begin 2013 with efficient and effective technology

by Hopeton Smalling As 2012 draws to a close it’s a great time to make decisions on what technology needs to be replaced, tweaked or eliminated. In my office I feature many computers specified for a variety of functions. As … Continue reading

The AT&T IPhone 5 and the potential impact of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology

The AT&T IPhone 5 and the potential impact of (LTE) technology By Hopeton Smalling Today marks one year since the passing of Steve Jobs the founder of Apple computers. On this day, it’s fitting to review a feature of the new … Continue reading